Sunday 25 December 2016

Travelogue December: Immigration Woodland CIQ #backpacktosingapore2016

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Petang^^

Ary decide to go for a day trip to Singapore this december. Ye la.. Singapore just seberang pulau, but yet never got chance to be there. And yeah.. I went there despite of Malaysia currency depreciation. LOL. 

To make it short, ary drive to JB and reach JB Sentral around 10am. Do not use waze to get to JB CIQ - sesat tau. Park my car there, and cost me about RM12 for whole day. So, ary melintas ke CIQ, and after melepasi immigration Malaysia, ary ambil bus ke Kranji MRT. 


But then, let me share on my experience to be at Woodland CIQ. I'm stuck there in a 'human traffic' for about 2hours. Seriously, wasted my time by just queue up. Di sini, korang perlu isi borang to declare about lawatan korang.

Please be prepared with your own pen. I do have one. But then, disebabkan ink habis, terpaksa begging to people. It's seriously BEGGING. And ary kena chase out, just because nak pinjam pen. Respon yang ary dapat dari bangsa ary sendiri bila ary nak pinjam pen: "No. We're getting off now," Ary wasa like.. ermmm.. sorry. Thanks god that there is someone sudi pinjamkan pen, after see that incident.

So, untuk avoid situasi begini, sila pergi awal pagi. About 7-8am should be ok. But still rebut bus to singapore with those who work there. And pen, jangan lupa. Bawak extra pen murah, and sedekah pada yang memerlukan, pun OK. Even balik to JB, ary need to queue up for an hour, and reach JB at 12 midnight.

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