Monday 7 September 2015


Assalamualaikum & Selamat malam

Lompat kerja - memang trend orang sekarang. 

Tak suka boss? tukar kerja. 
Tak suka kerja? tukar kerja. 
Tak suka orang di tempat kerja? tukar kerja. 
Bosan? tukar kerja. 
Gaji kecik? tukar kerja.
Office jauh? tukar kerja.
Putus cinta? tukar kerja.
Gaduh? tukar kerja.
tukar kerja. tukar kerja. tukar kerja. Bosan!

Petang tadi, borak dengan HR Manager. There is one fella has been a few times tender. But yet, revolution FAILED. Everyone keep persuade that fella, as that fella adalah seorang yang responsible, and expert in what he's currently doing. But then, ary's feedback,

"Let him be. It's like having relationship. If your partner come to you and say that, I wanna leave you. One or two times, u may want ask her/him to stay. But then, if he/she continuously say that he/she wanna leave you, do you still insist to ask him/her to stay? He/she don't have any heart to stay, so it's useless. Just let him be,"

Hati batu? Mungkin.

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