Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Smile Because of Your Laughter

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam!

12days to exam date, and still counting! Nervous but yet, still got time to waste. *sigh*

Have you ever face this kind of thing? Spontaneously smile when listen to someone's laughter. I did. It's just a good feeling when heard the laughter. Giving some peace inside. 

But I guess "A good thing sometimes not good enough". Lol. Keep calm and hope for the best. 

Btw, All the best to all June's ACCA candidates!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Tips: Read More, Learn More, Understand More!

Assalamualaikum & Selamat malam^^

Another 2 weeks before real war begin. ACCA, Bring it on! HahaXD  

Ary have difficulties to understand things. Any thing. Not just about study, but also about work. So, what I did, I will ask for more information. If I do not understand, I will ask. If ary rasa malu nak tanya, pak cik google kan ada. Baca sebanyak mana artikel yang ada. When I read more, I know more, I learn more and I'm understand more. Sounds cool, isn't it? 

But then, membaca sesuatu yang kita tak faham, mengantukkan diri. Sebab tak faham, so terasa bosan. That's why after read a few minutes, I will take a break and give myself time to absorb what I read. Ary have to admit, sometimes benda sama ary baca banyak kali sebab tak faham. Baca pertama kali, rasa strange. Baca 2 kali, faham ciput. Baca 3 kali, belum faham habis. Sometimes it takes me like 10 times to read the same thing again and again, in order for me to absorb and digest about what I read. Lol. 

But yet, Ary try google and baca artikel artikel lain, untuk fahamkan. So, that's what I do normally to study. Actually, dah tak sempat nak buat macam tu. But yet, I need to make myself understand, baru boleh jawab dengan puas hati kan? Passing exam is just not about pass the paper. It's how you gain and utilize the knowledge to. Don't u think so? 

Good night, everyone! And gambate!

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