Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tips to Pass ACCA Paper

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Sambil-sambil tonton #gegarvaganza, sambil-sambil tu juga update blog. Macam lama terbiar usang pula rasanya. Cheh! Terasa cliche pula ayat. *ignore*

Ary just finished my P3 paper on last 10th Dec. But then, what I wanna share right now, is Tips to Pass ACCA Paper. Eventhough Ary belum sit all paper, but I guess my experience in sitting and pass P1 paper can help others. Hopefully, Ary PASS my last P3 paper on 10th Dec.

Ok. So, back to the point. P1 paper is Governance, Risk and Ethics. Basically, the paper is more related to Governance practice in the company, what control been implemented in company, ethical practice within company and individual, etc etc. Btw, to emphasize here, ary attend kelas by Approved Learning Provider which is Sunway University. So, mungkin self study memerlukan effort yang lebih lagi.

Apa yang membantu untuk pass ACCA paper? 

1 - Go through syllabus of the paper.
2 - Continuous study. 1hour per day is enough.
3 - Practice past year paper. It helps in time management.
4 - Be professional when sitting for the paper.
5 - Read technical articles published in ACCA website. 

Initially, ary fikir, ACCA is just the same with other kind of examination. But, I'm totally wrong. It's not easy to pass. Seriously it's not. And I would say, think multiple times before you decide to take ACCA. It really needs high commitment. 

Just to say, I'm regret for taking it since I dont have time for myself and getting stress easier. And ary tak boleh nak tarik diri since ary bonded with scholar provider, ary redah aje. Just do my best to finish those 5 paper as soon as I can! fuh! Dengan 1 lafaz ko! HahaXD 

All the best guys! Let's stress out for next paper in Mar'15/June'15! XD


CXopportunities said...

All the best!

EllynaAmin said...

Nk tanya,if kte fail paper,mcm mana?yayasan akan kenekn ape2 denda atau bayaran??if amik balik paper tu,gune duit sndiri ke yayasan still byrkn?

EllynaAmin said...

Salam. Nak tanye,if kte fail satu papaer,yayasan akn tanggung utk repeat balik paper ke kite sndiri kene byr?

ary_lee said...

Hi Ellyna! Peneraju still pay for 2nd attempt. 3rd attempt need to be paid by ur own :)

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