Friday, 26 August 2016

Travelogue August: Pocket Wifi - To stay connected during #backpacktoseoul2016

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Petang, guys!

Today is Friday! Yeay! Tomorrow is test! Owhhhhhhhh *sigh*  Let's just forget about test for a while. Life still goes on, right? *wink wink*

Previously, whenever kita nak travel oversea meskipun hanya ke Singapore, kena suscribe roaming. And ada kawan ary yang bil nya melambung semata-mata kerana roaming dari C*****. So, the solution for expensive roaming - PocketWifi by Travel Recommends.

Sehari hanya perlu bayar sebanyak RM13 untuk wifi ke Seoul. Tapi, deposit dikenakan sebanyak RM200. Langkah-langkah pembayaran akan diberitahu setelah korang buat Online Reservation ataupun, untuk last minute reservation boleh whatsapp  +60 10-3946177. 

How to get connected? Turn on your wifi and select the router model as per stated at the router. Masukkan password yang tertulis pada router, and here you go - Connected ! As a tips, just wswitch it on whenever you need it. Router ni macam phone juga. Dibiarkan lama, battery drained. If you got powerbank, it's better.

Other than that, korang boleh pilih pick-up area for your wifi router. Easy way is self pick-up and drop at Capsule Hotel, KLIA2. After take a nap there, can directly take the router. As easy as A B C! So, after korang return back router, they will process refund to your account. Don't worry, ary already get back my deposit and it proves that they can be trusted! 

Actually, ary realize there is another one wifi provider in KLIA2 - Wiyo , but not sure on the coverage. Anyone ever try this before? Or else, you guys may want to experience the good coverage from Travel Recommends by now! Book here earlier for your convenience!

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