Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Google Keep to Replace Evernote?

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam^^

Keep talking about my travel experience, so tonight let's slow down by talking about technology. So, this entry is for us - Android user. 

Ever heard about Google Keep? Tak pernah? Ary just now about this application, and yes. I've replace Evernote with this new application by Google. Fungsi dia sama seperti Evernote. Tapi apa yang membuatkan ary nak tukar ke Google Keep, adalah saiz aplikasi yang lebih ringan berbanding Evernote. Well, I need to buffer more storage space for other things right? 

Aside from that, korang boleh pilih either nak display notes tu, atau simpan di archive. Meaning, not everything shown up at the main display. So, its kinda secured for us too. But, please be careful if you guys save list of password in there. It's kinda dangerous, as ary not sure if Google may have access to those things that u saved. 

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