Sunday, 4 September 2016

St. Marc Cafe,Sunway Pyramid - Japanese Decent Cafe

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam^^

It's damn hot, right? Sesuai sangat untuk membasahkan tekak waktu cuaca panas ni.

This decent Japanese brand cafe terkenal dengan Chococro - Roti yang mempunyai filling chocolate? *kot* Maybe korang boleh try all deserts, bread and chococro dia.

But then, on my recent visit, ary cuba one of their ice creams - Choco Berry Celebration. Ice cream ni adalah gabungan a few food component; which are vanilla ice cream itself with chocolate syrup, cereal and bread at the bottom, and followed with strawberry and Panna Cotta at the top. 

So far, it's damn nice! Ary love it, except than the bread. Macam tak kena, but so far - Awesome! I like it better than Ca**e Be**e. And the price is 'awesome' too, but worth the taste. Well, you guys can see the price from below picture, I guess. Btw, nice treat for once a month. 

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