Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sunflower - Sakura - Lavender

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Petang^^

It's been past one month ago, but I still remember conversation that we had at my previous company. Its about - What's your favourite flower? So, I've asked that question to Mr I - my Senior Manager. 

Mr I: I like Sakura. It's beautiful, and polite sign of flower. 

Ary: Owh, Mr I.. It suits you. 

Mr I: How about ary-chan? What flower ary-chan like? *chan is a nickname given to those youngster, and Mr I is actually a Japanese*

Ary: I like Sunflower. *answer it excitingly, with a bright smile*

Mr I: Sunflower? Really? Like ary-chan character. How about A-san?

Another A: I like Lavender. 

Mr I: Owhhh.. Lavender neyh. Same like you too. 

Well, I just missing them maybe. That's why I've been recall about this conversation. I hope they are doing well. 

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