Sunday, 4 September 2016

Travelogue August: Sesi riadah di Hangang Park #backpacktoseoul2016

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam^^

3entries in a day? Wow, Ary! Good job!

Main title is about Hangang Park, but actually in here, there are 3attractions. So, ary susun sequence dari visits to Itaewon. From Itaewon, ary ambil subway ke station Express Bus Terminal. So, from there;

1) Underground Shopping Market, Express Bus Terminal

Seoul memang terkenal dengan kawasan-kawasan underground shopping mall. Nama je underground, but transaction jual-beli dilakukan secara legal. Salah satu underground shopping market yang terkenal adalah di Express Bus Terminal. Di sini, memang banyak sangat pilihan barang dari baju, handbag, bunga, kasut hingga ke cadar, etc. Tapi stall yang jual souvenir is limited in here.

Aside from the underground shopping mall, there is another decent shopping mall - Shinsegae, which is located in the bus terminal as well. But let me told you this, it's expensive. Then maybe you guys can take a look at their local bus terminal. 

*sorry. no picture. ramai sangat*

2) Hangang Park

From bus terminal, there are 2 exits to Hangang Park, which differ in terms of district. But, ary took exit Hangang Park (Banpo district). Tak sempat take a look at another district. Jarak dari bus terminal ke Hangang Park is about 150-300 meter. Sempat lah berpeluh.

Suprisingly, there are a lot of korean yang spend their time at park. Some of them even bring tent. And beware, since its an open area, most korean will bring along their dog. Tersentuh kering, ok lagi. But if ter-basah, or terkena gigit; tak dapet nak tolong deh.

Kebetulan, waktu ary pergi sana, ada performance from some artists. And turns out ada Food Festival and a bit of concert. Get chance to see how open their society is. Even uncle-aunt, kids, teenagers dance on the floor. That's how they are having fun over there. 

3) Banpo Bridge

Ada satu jambatan across Han River, which called as Banpo Bridge. Ramai-ramai di Hangang Park pon, untuk tengok rainbow fountain which start at 8pm. Its kinda nice scenery. Really. 

 Eh, esok kerja eh. Jangan lupa. Nite, guys! 

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