Monday, 12 September 2016

Travelogue August: Set Drama Descendant of the Sun at Doota Mall #backpacktoseoul2016

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam^^

Seronok beraya? Raya Aidiladha kali ini agak suram di kampung ary. And tomorrow, need to start working. *Sigh*

Doota Mall

Oh, yes. Remember that ary ada state yang ary nak visit set drama Descendant of the Sun? For those who didn't watch thes drama, this drama is quite popular. Gabungan mantap Song Joong-ki dan Song Hye-Kyo. 

Disebabkan kepopularan drama ini, hasil google ary semasa planning phase membuatkan ary menjejakkan kaki ke Doota Mall. It's a cliche shopping mall. For me, nothing special. Boleh lah if nak cuci mata, etc. But if korang nak visit set drama, u guys may find it at level 7. Not sure that this exhibition will be there until when. But perhaps korang boleh google, to check if it's still available by the time korang kat sana.

Btw, the location is just a few steps away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Those pictures not cover all actually. But, Looks nice is it? I feel glad that I've been there. Really I am. 

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